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. the latest storms hit indiana, ohio, kentucky and the deep south. you're looking at video which shows a huge tornado hitting henryville, indiana. authorities there say tornadoes wiped out some rural communities. and as you can see, some towns were just flattened. survivors describe it as complete destruction. coming up at 7:30, we'll have a live report from henryville, where a tornado leveled neighborhoods there and swept school buses into buildings. >>> this morning in san francisco a few dozen people who cannot afford health insurance will receive much- needed medical care. and some of these procedures will potentially save their lives. allie rasmus is live this morning at the kaiser perm a medical center in the city with more. >> reporter: we're outside kaiser hospital, and through these entrance doors here there are 30 people who are about to undergo surgery this morning for free. it's part of a program kaiser has been doing for nearly 20 years. this is video from past years called operation access, and the goal is to help low income and uninsured people in the community, there are lot o
season's big success. they made it all the way to the final four. vcu takes on fourth-seeded indiana tomorrow. i think that's consistent with my bracket. >> you've got them all the way to the top. >> yes, sir. >> other local teams did not fare as well as rcu. loyola of maryland lost to ohio state -- ouch -- 78-59. the loss ended a record year for the greyhounds. they won 24 of their games, most in the school's history. loyola won just a single game eight years ago. that was a year before the current head coach, jimmy petsos, took over the program. >>> and west virginia's season is over. the mountaineers fell to gonzaga 77-54. gonzaga -- zaga? scored 13 points in the final 12 minutes of the first half to blow open the game. west virginia ended the season with a 19-14 record. this was also the mountaineers' last game of the big east conference. they'll play in the big 12 next season. >> gallon zonzagagonzaga, an al. >>> two local teams in action. georgetown takes on belmont at 3:10. virginia plays florida this afternoon. that game tips off at 2:10. >> i always mispronounce that. >> i k
fifth three- pointer. the tar heels outscored them and beat ohio to events. cheering on indiana, coached by his brother-in-law. but kentucky had better than the hoosiers. michael kid goes coast to coast for two of his 24 points. the wildcats beat indiana 100 2/90. high-school hoops title game in sacramento. bird had two of his 24 points. the bay area top-ranked team beat price 70/56. division to, archbishop gordon had 33 stores and 20 rebounds. the monarchs won at 78/57 for their second straight title but they will not be the only ones getting more attention at school monday. the girls are also state champions, beating j.w. no. 56/54. every week on game day we hand out the " they said it " award. but the timber rules get this singing award. >> ♪ my loneliness is killing the ♪ i must confess, i still believe ♪ i don't like this ... >> ♪ give me a sign! >> ok, webster really sounded the most like brittany spears. he had that down. >> wow. ,,,,,,,,
's heartland, it appears damaged in southern indiana and western kentucky. tornadoes killed at least 39 people and in all 52 people have been killed by tornadoes in the past week. it stretched from the gulf coast to the great lakes. amateur photographer captured one twister forming near a gas station. they say another tornado packed wind gusts up to 175 miles per hour. >>> also this morning, a 2-year-old girl is in critical condition. she is the only member of her immediate family to survive one of those deadly tornadoes. coming up in less than 10 minutes. a story of sadden and hope and the toddler named angel. >> in overnight news. an ac transit passenger was pursued in oakland. >> they were chasing after the driver and what they believe was a stolen mercedes beans. they per sued him -- mercedes-benz and they couldn't overtake him. the passengers bumped his head and he is okay. the suspect after crashing his car, he was caught by police. >>> a high speed chase overnight in concord ended with a chase at 2:00 on clayton road. police tried to stop the car and it kept going. speeds topped 90 mile
ycandiotti is standi in indiana where she's been following the developments and spoke exclusively to the man who found her. she's going to join us moments away. >>> in the meantime, this has been a day of taking stock for victims of that deadly rash of tornadoes that hit 11 states. many of them lost everything. the extreme weather now has claimed at least 39 lives in kentucky, indiana, ohio, and georgia. this is west liberty, kentucky. it seems that no corner of this small town was spared. homes annihilated. trees plucked out of the ground. there are scenes like this all over the midwest and south today. the death toll from friday's storms, it has risen to 21 in kentucky, but despite extensive damage, we're hearing remarkable stories of survival. jim spellman is in the town of west liberty. jim? >> reporter: on the outskirts of west liberty, kentucky, tornado survivors return home. >> this was your house. >> this was my house. yes. >> where's the house now? >> it's across the street in the parking lot. >> this pile of rubble is your house? >> yes. >> reporter: rose may only had moments to ma
's tonight, on the cbs evening news. >>> new, incredible video of a tornado slashing through indiana. we'll update you on the cleanup in the nation's heartland. >>> they took all the fun out of italian food and movie popcorn. now a movie group takes aim at coca cola. the serious allegations they're making. >>> a norway man is indicted. why, though, he may never go to prison. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic ,, [ male announcer ] scrubbologists have made a remarkable leap forward in hands-free toilet cleaning. introducing the one-step toilet bowl cleaner from scrubbing bubbles. just step on the pedal. the 360 degree sprayer delivers a powerful cleaner to tackle lime scale, toilet rings, and even cleans under the rim. it's a remarkable leap forward in hands-free toilet cleaning. guaranteed to work or it's free! [ female announcer ] s.c. johnson. a family company. >>> it is 4:28, 67 degrees, mostly sunny. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> we have breaking news in tulsa, oklahoma, where there has been a shooting at the tulsa county cour
much of the united states from texas to indiana into kentucky and georgia, some 70 million people were in the deadly pass. in the hours after the terror came stories of survival. >> i had about 40 students and staff and we were in the core of the building when the tornado hit and no one was injured. >> something to be thankful for despite the devastation entire neighborhoods are flattened and schools are in ruins. >> the people that live here are resilience of and we are knocked down but we're not knocked out. in west they're ready kentucky equipment is already in place to steer away with the storm knocked down. now the rebuilding process will no doubt take a very long time and president barack obama expressed his condolences to the areas hard hit and fema is dedicated to more resources for cities in need. >> closer to home in just a few hours a massive consolidation plan goes into effect for the chicago police department, dan ponce de joins us live from district 19 police station at belmont with details. >> these changes go into effect at midnight, the 19th district in belmont wi
and the south a 15- month-old indiana girl who was clinging to life has been laid to rest. >> the funeral was held yesterday for angel babcock. her mother father, two siblings as well. she died two days after the hit. >> president obama will speak at a high school graduation ceremony in joplin, 0missouri after a twister last year. the school was among thousands destroyed. a new school has been built since then. the speech is may 23. >> time for a look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is standing by in the weather center with a look at the cold forecast or at least a cold start today. >> widespread 20's outside on this tuesday morning. we are on the cold side of the high-pressure system. we will have a lot of sunshine. tomorrow, we will be on the one side of the system and temperatures will climb. 32 right now in the district, 20 in martinsburg. dulles airport, 23. 21 in manassas. the temperatures will drop a few degrees until sunrise which is around 6:30 a.m. no clouds to speak of with the exception of ohio. they could send us a few high, thin clouds later on today. h
to go. >>darya: in indiana, at least 42 tornadoes struck 10 states on friday. 13 people were killed from tornadoes and indiana. a massive brushfire said smoke and flames into the air over buckeye arizona. more than 300 a. over scorched. >>mark: same man at center howff a u2 video of asking for professional help if as he is losing -- he is seven accounts and trying to lose hundreds of pounds. >> it is a well time to cry for help. his mortality risk is through roof. >> the first thing i want to do is look in the night and see how serious he is and whether he is willing to do what it takes. >>mark: he will be meeting with dr. phil today. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. did not go away. here is a live look in san jose. it is a little bit windy in san jose, 42 with high of 64. >>darya: here is a look at top stories we're covering. police are trying to figure out the motive behind a shooting that happened in sunnyvale. there were two bodies found inside of that home. from the and santorum are each claiming a victory after the big super tuesday vote yesterday. today, a
, the wildcats look to avenge an early season loss to indiana on friday night in atlanta. north carolina enters week two with a big concern at point guard. its top play maker kendall marshall broke his wrist in the second round last weekend. his status is uncertain. joining me from charlotte, jay bilas, he is a college basketball analyst for espn and a world-class attorney. i am pleased to have him back on this program for march madness. welcome. >> thank you, charlie. great to be with you, as always. >> rose: what do you think of the tournament so far as predicted with a couple of exceptions, missouri, duke, and a few others. >> yeah, it's been a little bit volatile in spots. this is the first time 11 years we've had a number-two seed upset. there have only been four of those leading into this year's tournament since 1985 and then we have to in the same tournament with both missouri and duke going down to 15 seeds. we've never had a 15th seed win a game after that in the history of the tournament. no 16 has ever won and the margin of victory in those games keeps growing. i think over the last
's tonya francisco has been following the story and has the latest from crown point indiana 25 year-old corrections officer britany muex was killed along with three of her fellow officers getting seriously injured ... one of the officers reported hearing an engine revving before they were hit the s u v that had never stopped and it left behind evidence a piece of the passenger side mirror that is enabling investigators to narrow the vehicle description to a recent model dark colored gmc model as you may >>britany muex was little in stature but a big go getter ... she's the mother of the 5 month old baby girl and is a former marine among her injured fellow officers was the son of the lake county commissioner and to others one of them was airlifted to an indianapolis hospital with critical injuries the other two aren't fair condition ... surveillance video is being examined as well as increase at local body shops ... police her asking for anyone with information to call the lake county sheriff's department 219-755-3333 ... police in northwest indiana have a question to to people in
republican firm showing lugar under 50. >> if lugar loses the primary, we could be talking about indiana in the fall as a competitive race, right? congressman joe donnalley running for republican seat. we think of indiana being a safe republican place. if the tea party candidate wins the nomination, it's possible this could be in play. also amazing that being the senior senator may not be such an appealing label in a year when everyone hates washington. >> i was going to say. if lugar loses, he loses the way other guys have lost when it looks like they've lost touch with home. tom daschle we saw it happen with him. santorum in a senate race. >> he came into the leadership. >> he got dinged for not living in pennsylvania. >> lugar we found out last week can't vote in indiana. how do you -- another one to add while we're at it. elizabeth dole. same problem. the problem for lugar, if lugar loses, it's his own fault. he refused to walk back moderate positions he took. >> his own fault but -- >> in a primary like this, he -- >> that's right. they both face tea party challenges. one said i'm w
in white. paula, get us started. >> i keep scoring in this round with wins by kentucky, indiana, baylor, michigan state, louisville, duke, murray state and missouri. oh, they're already out. i also need wins by syracuse, wisconsin, the ohio state buckeyes and north carolina and kansas. can't score any more with those others. >> as for the sports guy, he can keep scoring with kentucky, indiana, baylor, michigan state, louisville, marquette and florida. also syracuse, ohio state, north carolina and kansas. all his other teams have gone home. my picks, kentucky. forget about bcu. also need baylor, spartans and louisville and marquette. in my second eight, i have syracuse, ohio state, my tar heels, and rock chalk, those jayhawks from kansas. >> last but not least, carolina and j.j. are pulling for kentucky and indiana. as well as the gators. those other teams already watching on tv. also wisconsin, ohio state and kansas for them to have any hope. they need the jayhawks to win it all. and when they filled out their brackets, they didn't put university of florida. they put fu all the way. thr
of tariffs at least 42 tornadoes struck 10 states killing 40 people includes 13 in indiana. a massive brushfire is sending smoke and flames in arizona. >>mark: so far there is a zero containment on the blaze. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. at >>mark: the opening bell on wall street, looking for a bit of a rebound. the dallas of over to the point. >>darya: police are trying to figure out the motive of the shooting that happened last night in sunnyvale. there were two bodies found inside the home field ec here. >>mark: the wins have been boy and around the bay area. craig skalar has more. >>craig: the city of san francisco has closed this off. >>james: temperatures in the 40's with a few thirties. this afternoon, sunny and mild by noon with temperatures in the '60s. this evening, 8:00 p.m. and beyond will cool down as clear skies with all the warmth that we accumulate over the bay will escape. here is a look at your current wind speeds. >>george: as we are monitoring the high winds, it does not seem to be as bad today as it was yesterday. your ride on the san
, jackson, in indiana. but david lee, 78 a piece at the finish. 22 point, 12 rebounds. and warriors quinn 85 -82 -- win 85-82. >>> jeremy lin does it again tonight. watch the game, you think maybe he's going to start to slow down. came through though. 19 points, 13 assists, 5 rebounds, only one turnover against cleveland, and he got beat up here. bloodied and battered. he went to the bench, came back and led the knicks over the cavaliers. jeremy lin, first time he's gotten beaten up a little bit and came back. no slowing that guy down. >>> kobe bryant has a broken nose, wore a protective mask. 31 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists. he's one of those guys everybody thinks oh, he can't play. that's when he really gets off. 104-85. >>> ucla hoops has been hit with a dagger by sports illustrated. this is just -- this stuff better be true because it's ruined ben howard. the store goes on there's widespread drinking, drug abuse among players. other issues, that the players are continually finding. one player urinating on another's clothes. they're talking back to the coach. >>> usa soccer has not bea
battles with xavier. kentucky and indiana meet in a rematch of an early season thriller. in the midwest, north carolina faces cinderella ohio. and kansas meets north carolina state. >>> when we come back on a monday and a look at this morning's top stories and the chilling 911 call moments after an unarmed black teenager is gunned down by a volunteer on the neighborhood watch. neighborhood watch. when bp made a commitment to the gulf, we were determined to see it through. here's an update on the progress. we're paying for all spill related clean-up costs. bp findings supports independent scientists studying the gulf's environment. thousands of environmental samples have been tested and all beaches and waters are open. and the tourists are back. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. >>> here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the current. d.c., thunderstorms, 71. atlanta, sunny, 82. st. louis, thunderstorm, 82 degrees. denver, cloudy, 49. seattle, partly cloudy, 48 degrees. >>> top stories now on a monday morning. spring begins tomorrow and winter is going out with a
called pap porn indiana. no one is suggesting they are as healthful as a handful of care the careicators, but they are better than brownies. >> you can have treats in moderation and that will go a long way towards making them healthy adults. >> also on the list of the best packaged foots, bare naked mix and quaker oatmeal granola bars and anything made by kashi. >> no more than three grams of fat for 100 calories. >> they should max out at 100 to 200 calories a serving. the dietician and parent-approved snack that tastes good. erica edwards, nbc news. >> we need healthy snacks in the newsroom. >> we do. >> happy monday to you, jeff. >> welcome back from vacation, raj. we had extreme weather this weekend and reports of hail in morgan hill and south san jose. all added up to these major rain totals in the santa cruz mountains. some of the top numbers and over 16 and 1/4 inches. nearly 6 n orinda and san francisco close to three inches. the rain varied widely, but any rain we picked up was much welcomed. six inches below for the water season. on the radar, we are northeast in the south bay.
commonwealth with the upset 62-59. the 12 seeded vcu will face off against four seed indiana in the next round. boy, do they look good. >>> last night lie ole la, -- lyola, inned midtaking on ohio state. 19 points for the gray hounds but the buckeyes were too much. ohio state facing gonzaga next. >>> the wizards aren't making a lot of news on the court this year but made a big trade-off shipping two recognizable names out of town. the wiz get a player in the nuggets along with brian cook and a 200015 draft pick from the clippers. the move puts a little life into the wizards last night. they were visiting my hometown and the hornets in new orleans. john wall scored 26 for d.c. five of the players were in double digits. the wiz beat the bad hornet team 99-89. d.c. visits atlanta tonight. >> when they spread the wealth around, that's when they have a shot to win. good job, wiz. >>> still ahead this morning. the push for a casino at national harbor hits the spotlight in annapolis. >> some people may be pushing outside the apple store. the new ipad is released today. this is what it looked like in
throws down to the end. 28 seconds left, a one and one they miss and keith smart for indiana hits the shot to win it 74-73 for indiana. and then in 1993, the infamous chris webber time-out that michigan didn't have for the fab five. and that secures dean smith's second and last national championship at north carolina. so i think some new orleans voodoo here could be happening. >> i'm not trying to rub it in, but you mentioned syracuse. are you aware they almost lost yesterday? >> i am. i actually was working yesterday. i caught it out of the corner of my eye. >> you were preparing for this segment. that is work. >> i was, absolutely. i think they were one of the number one seeds in the tournament. you know, they look shaky right now. >> let's move on to number two. this is a feel-good story. which will have the feel-good story of 2012. >> i think you have to feel about about the murray state team right now. they're a six seed. they played great yesterday. they just blew out colorado state. they have got an interesting kid, isaiah cannon, who's their guard who's actually from missi
the tornado in henryville, indiana? we get a look inside of the bus when it was hit bit twister. >>alisyn: if you want to make friends at work keep your desk clean. people admit they do judge their co-workers based on the cleanliness of the work space. how tidy do you keep your desk? skateboard legend in the making. i'm more of an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenecty. des moines. ok. ok. ok. i can't always be there to weed my petunias. so now we use miracle-gro shake 'n feed plus weed prevente it feeds plants and preven weeds for up to three months. so my plants grow bigger, more beautiful, without all thweeds. guaranteed. [ cellphone rings ] with miracle-gro shake 'n feed, anyone can have a green thumb. [ cellphone rings ] everyonews with miracle-gr multi-policy discount. paperless discount. paid-in-full discount. [yawning] homeowner's discount. safe driver discount. chipmunk family reunion. someone stole the nuts. squirrel jail. justice! countless discounts. now that's progressive. call or click today. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in m
into indiana a few -- that slammed into indiana a few weeks ago. you can see the tornado hitting the henryville high school. despite all of the damage no one was seriously hurt. >>> well, alex smith is looking at other options himself for next year. he visited the dolphins. the team is reportedly working on a deal that could pay him $8 million a year. alex smith has spent his whole career with the 49ers. he led them to just one game to the bole. jim harbaugh says he wants alex smith back. but then the news broke that they wanted manning. >> there's no -- peyton manning is an incredible quarterback. alex smith has to realize this is business. >> peyton man something talking to the titans and the denver broncos and could make a decision by tomorrow. he didn't play all of last season because of a neck injury. >>> weigh wouldn't -- we want to check in one more time with tara. >> he. we have an suv that flipped and landed on the right shoulder. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there we go. this is the map we were talking about. this is highway 13. >> now we're gonna go to the bay bridge
the new digital information center. >> we are starting to see tweets coming out from indiana and kentucky. >> they were looking to see what people were saying. >> we saw people that were looking for loved ones. >> many work hunkered down with the internet, through their mobile devices. that's what gave the red cross -- with a call at digital hugs. >> offer them some tips to keep them safe. >> we can see them online. we offered a hand. here's our digital hug to you. >> the red cross is turning to social media monitoring to offer help even as a disaster is occurring. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a bomb shell may be coming from the u.s. census bureau. investors are on edge from a big announcement from apple. jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> good morning. apple may be ready to share the wealth. the company is holding a conference call this morning. analysts say they will likely announce a dividend for investors. apple is the most valuable company. they have about $100 billion in cash on hand. lockheed martin just in to a contract modification with the u.s. navy to constru
a maybe life. >>> an unbelievable story. an indiana woman has become the face of bravery. in the aftermath of last week's deadly tornadoes. stephanie decker lost both legs while shielding her children from two twisters that hit her home friday. from her hospital bed, she's promising to make it through this ordeal. >> i kind of looked outside to see and i was -- funny i had a hinky feeling that this was going to be a strong storm. >> i kept going back to the radar and looking at it at my desk. i'm sending her a text message and i'm like, it's heading straight at you. she sent me a text message back and that's when she said the whole house is shaking. >> i'm screaming and crying and i was thinking oh, my, the house is getting ready to go. we're not going to be able to survive this. and i was just trying to protect my kids and i grabbed them. i wasn't letting go. if they were going to fly, i was going to fly with them. it happened so quickly. the tornado. but the rest of it seemed like it felt like an eternity. i yelled for reese, i said reese, are you okay? and she goes yes, mommy. then i ye
with indiana. the last game of the night, colorado beet at their rival. >> vcu's win is not a complete surprise. >> we will see what happens when the tournament continues. 16 more games. georgetown will open play against belmont. in about -- an hour before that, tennessee and virginia kicks off -- virginia kicks off against florida. >> nick young and javale mcgee are gone. the wizards higet nene brian cook. they beat new orleans clotheslined. >> still another half an hour of "good morning washington." joe williams joins us to look at the next round of political elections. >> the local boys on this morning. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington" -- on your side. >> breaking news. in amber a lark for a missing boy canceled. we have a live report. >> this summer he is on the way out. we find out in a few minutes. it is friday morning. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. breaking news for the search from and abducted nine-year-old boy. the amber alert is now canceled. investigators say wuilbert garcia has been found in nevada. his mother is in custody. john gonzalez joins us fr
. >> reporter: the former house speaker pulled out of illinois to try to focus on indiana. ron paul made only one stop in illinois. ron paul and newt gingrich were shut out of the delegate count tonight. up next louisiana that vote is saturday. live in washington, craig boswell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now, here's the republican delegate count. mitt romney now has 563 delegates. that's almost half of what he needs to secure the gop nomination. san for rum has 263. gingrich 135, and ron paul currently has 50 delegates. >>> the richmond city council is meeting tonight to decide whether to move ahead with proposed expansion of medical marijuana dispensaries. the council already agreed tentatively to increase the number of dispensaries from four to six. right now those dispensaries are confined to the hilltop mall and pacific east mall areas. any new dispensaries would be prohibited from opening near residential areas. >>> and california secretary of state is allowing supporters of a proposed ballot measure on medical marijuana to start collecting signatures. the measure would allow
on barack obama. >> reporter: the former house speaker pulled out of illinois to try to focus on indiana. ron paul made only one stop in illinois. ron paul and newt gingrich were shut out of the delegate count tonight. up next louisiana that vote is saturday. live in washington, craig boswell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now, here's the republican delegate count. mitt romney now has 563 delegates. that's almost half of what he needs to secure the gop nomination. san for rum has 263. gingrich 135, and ron paul currently has 50 delegates. >>> the richmond city council is meeting tonight to decide whether to move ahead with proposed expansion of medical marijuana dispensaries. the council already agreed tentatively to increase the number of dispensaries from four to six. right now those dispensaries are confined to the hilltop mall and pacific east mall areas. any new dispensaries would be prohibited from opening near residential areas. >>> and california secretary of state is allowing supporters of a proposed ballot measure on medical marijuana to start collecting signatures. the
struck 10 states on friday killing 40 people including 13 in indiana. >>darya: a massive brushfire is sending smoking in flames into the air over buckeye, arizona. 300 a. have been scorched. emergency crews have zero containment. it started as a controlled burn from a former that quickly grew out of control. >>mark: in hawaii, a man lost his home to lock up. it was consumed by law on saturday. he managed to escape with only a few of his belongings. he had lived there for over 30 years. he has watched every nearby home gets swallowed up by the law of. >>justine: right after the break i will show you video out of hawaii that shows massive flooding. that is coming up and about 10 minutes. >>mark: the california stories we are following, the state will have to cough up more than 700 million a year to repay the billions required to build the first phase of the high-speed rail train between l.a. and to the bay area. sfax the figures did not include the millions already been faked paid towards the 500 million in debt. >>darya: just bush explains with the city has in mind for sports teams
toll is at 39. and in henryville, indiana snow has now fallen on all the debris. >>> a court has denied requests by lawyers to end jared loughner's medication. he is accused of killing six people, including gabriel giffords. doctors can continue to give him drugs to make him ready to stand trial. >>> israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu spoke to the public affairs committee last night. he also met president obama at the white house yesterday to discuss the nuclear threat posed by iran. he says israel will defend itself if needed. >>> it can be hard for people in underprivileged neighborhoods to find a doctor nearby, but in today's hero central at 5:57, medical professionals bring the clinic to their patients. >>> at 5:31, we'll take a closer look at what's at stake in today's super tuesday primary. the elections in virginia and elsewhere. >>> next at 5:15, find out if we'll be springing forward into milder weather in howard's seven-day forecast. ♪ pierre! your fashion is so "right now," but your banking is so last season! earn more with high yield free checking at capital one ba
, if not in illinois, at least in indiana that's coming up on saturday, we got some big states, wisconsin, maryland, other states as well. we're going to be delvings o'into as well. i think chad is going to be joining us, we have bad weather. >> let's see if these tornadoes do materialize. >> bonnie was up against me here, and we had arms around each other and he said i love you and i said i love you too. >> speaking of tornadoes, a powerful twister races toward one couple's home, their very final words to one another caught on video. >>> you are about to hear a couple's final words to each other after 40 years of marriage. they grabbed their cameras and they watched the twister through their window. >> i'm recording it now. >> this is crazy. >> i have never seen one. i finally get to see one. maybe the last one i see. >> man, that's a big one too, it's a huge one. >> listen to it. it's coming right toward henryville, maybe we should tell them. it's coming here, it's picking up, it's picking stuff up. look, you can see it rotate. >> i hope it goes to the north of us. it looks like it's getting righ
. >> rick: maria molina, thanks so much. >> arthel: an indiana mother who lost her legs protecting her children from a tornado, now out of the hoplts. the storm struck march 2nd, destroying her home and crushing her legs doctors had to amputate one of her legs below the knee the other above it. friday she expressed thanks to everyone who helped her and her family in their time of need. >> the support has been tremendous. it has really taken a burden off of all of us and helped us to just be a family. >> arthel: after a trip to rehappen -- half a trib to rehab she will have more surgery and learn to walk on prosthetics >> rick: they are going to have adjusting to do she is alive and going to be a mother for her kids and that's the best news. >>> in houston dramatic video of an accident at a carnival. it shows a 3-year-old girl slipping underneath her restraining bar and then flying off the ride. watch this again. the toddler was riding with her 8-year-old brother, their mother deciding to get off before it started the boy was from crawling out of the seat. the little girl suffering a co
coming up, a harrowing story we brought you on tuesday. an indiana mother who protected her kids by laying on top of them as a tornado ripped apart their home and because of her brave actions she lost part of both legs but her kids survived without a scratch. this morning she'll share her story. and a new drama at nicollette sheridan's wrongful termination lawsuit. how the central argument that she was fired from "desperate housewives" in re-al tags got a big hit on tuesday. >> let's begin with the act of tough love from a north carolina father who fired nine shots into his daughter's laptop. we'll talk to them in a moment. first mark potter has the story from the very place where it all began. mark, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. when tommy jordan got up from this chair in this field and shot that computer those were shots heard around the world and seen by millions of people. now he, his wife and daughter are speaking about it publically for the first time after apparently burying the hatchet -- or at least the handgun. tommy jordan and his teenage daught
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